Flood Zones

Zoning nightmares!
If you or someone you know are looking to build or remodel, I would be glad to assist with the design process. Zoning can be confusing enough without the added flood zone considerations on top of that. This is a very important first step when deciding how you're going to build or remodel. Knowing the zones during the design process helps to avoid potentially negative impacts in the building process later on. No one wants to go through the process of creating a home design only to later find out due to unconsidered flood zoning or other zoning limitations that the will have to start over. Things to think about:
Sometimes looking a map won't tell you everything that is possible with your property as it relates to building and/or remodeling.
  • Do you have a current Elevation Certificate
  • Is there any Grand Oak trees on the property
  • Does your current house encroach on current setbacks

Making sense of the different zones as well as these other considerations are something I take into account to ensure that you have the most seamless building process that you can possibly.